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BeauGauge Instruments Suite for ActiveX is composed of two parts: the designer and ActiveX controls.
Operation process of the software: open the designer, create and save a control template file, then insert an ActiveX control and load the control template file in the development environment, and then the software is ready for use. Please see the figure below:
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BeauGauge Instruments Suite Designer mainly consists of 3 parts: "New", "Design" and "Preview" windows. You can switch them by clicking the buttons located at the bottom of main window.

"New" window Introduction
"Design" window Introduction
"Preview" window Introduction
Property Page:

"Cricular Gauge Pointer" Property Page (General description of Property Page)
"Linear Gauge Pointer" Property Page
"Control Layer" Property Page
"Rotate Layer" Property Page
"Circular Tick Marks" Property Page
"Linear Tick Marks" Property Page
Add a new pointer
Change Pointer's Value and Angle Ranges
Reverse scale
Knob and Band Switch
Linear Gauge and Sliding Scale
Use Picture for Pointer

Attitude Indicator

Example: Making Clock
Example: Create Signal Control
How to use BeauGauge ActiveX control in your project, IDE: Visual C++ 6.0 Orther Visual C++ Visual Basic 6.0
  C++ Builder 6 C++ Builder 2010
  Delphi PowerBuilder  
  LabView LabWindows/CVI  
  MATLAB 7 MATLAB 2010  
  Access Excel  
Change the pointer's position (How to use "SetValue")
Change the status of indicator lamp
Change the Attitude Indicator
Change the value of date and time components
How to get the sName in the methods such as SetValue, SetDateTime, AddPlotPoint
How to change the range of control (minimum,maximum) (How to use "SetRange")
Change color for range bar (How to use "SetFillColor")
Change background color
How to set background image
How to make the background of control to be transparent
Event handling of click button and turn knob
Event handling of right-click (How to add custom context menu)

Interface Description
Developer FAQ
How to install official edition application
How to activate application
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