"ControlLayer" Property Page

"ControlLayer" is a special component. It is a combo component; the change of its property will lead to that of all of its subcomponents. Double click "ControlLayer" or click the yellow triangle icon and ControlLayer's subcomponents will be folded.

Add "ControlLayer" component to the control template.

"ControlLayer" Property Page.

1 Position
Set the position and size.

2 Values
Set the start and span values of the subcomponents, which only applies to those components require start and span values, such as Pointer, Tick Mark Labels, etc.

start = 0,span = 100

start = 100,span = -100

3 Circular Gauge Angles
Set start and span angles of subcomponents of Circular Gauge.

The angle is calculated from the start point of the six time clock, with clockwise rotation as the positive direction.

start = 30,span = 300

start = 330,span = -300

4 Linear Gauge Origentation
Set directions of subcomponents of Linear Gauge.



5 Others

Major Count: Set Major Tick Marks and Tick Mark Label numbers.
Major Count = 11

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