How to get the sName in the methods such as SetValue, SetDateTime, AddPlotPoint

1. Switch on .gauge files via designer.

2. There are 2 property names in white and gray on the left of the designer. The white can be used as parameter in SetValue, SetDateTime, AddPlotPoint, while the gray can’t.

3. For example, there are 2 state indicators and Digital indicator as shown below:

4. After switching on the .gauge file via designer, there will be 4 property names in white (see below), which serve as the parameters of SetValue, SetDateTime, AddPlotPoint.
gauge.SetValue( "StateIndicator1", 1 );
gauge.SetValue( "StateIndicator2", 1 );
gauge.SetValue( "DigitalIndicator1", 1 );
gauge.SetValue( "DigitalIndicator2", 1 );

5. Open the document ".gauge" via the designer .

6. The property name "Channel1" and "Channel2" is parameter of AddPlotPoint.
gauge.AddPlotPoint( "Channel1", 50, 50 );
gauge.AddPlotPoint( "Channel2", 50, 60 );

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