Quick Start


BeauGauge Instruments Suite is composed of two parts: the designer and ActiveX controls.
Operation process of the software: open the designer, create and save a control template file, then insert an ActiveX control and load the control template file in the development environment, and then the software is ready for use. Please see the figure below:


Create a file

1. Run the designer.

2. The designer has many built-in control templates. You can create a file through slight modifications of one template or completely design a fresh new one on your own interest. 

3. When running, components that can dynamically change such as pointer and button display bright white in the left list of the designer. The components are named by the Key value that they are moved to.
Eg:m_gauge1.SetValue(_T("Pointer1"),50); move the pointer to the location of Value 50.

4. Interactive components: move the mouse to the right preview area, and preview the effect through dragging and clicking operations.

5. Preview gives a better interface for viewing the operation effect of controls which can be casually moved to a specific value.

6. When completing the design and change, click "Save As" to save the control template.


Insert a control and load the file

Take MFC as an example:
Orther IDE:VC, VB, Delphi, C++ Builder, .NET, C#, Matlab, LabView, Access, Excel ...

1. Create a new dialog based MFC project.

2. Right click the dialog and select "Insert ActiveX Control..." menu.

3. Insert "BeauGauge Control".
(If you are trial user, please install "BeauGauge Control Trial". Click here to download.)

4. Select "Properties" in the right-click menu of the control.

5. Click "Property Pages" in the "Properties" dialog.

6. Import the control template file "gauge1.bg7".

7. Control loading is done, see as below:


Change the pointer's position

1. Right click the control and select "Add Variable...", then input "m_gauge1" in the "Variable name" field.

2. Change the pointer's location.
Here the name “Pointer” can be found in the designer, see as below:

Deploy BeauGauge Control Application

When deploying the application, you need to install the BeauGauge ActiveX control into the client.


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