How to use BeauGauge ActiveX control in your Visual C++ 6.0 project

BeauGauge Instruments Suite's BeauGauge Control will manage to display the finally designed control template in the user interface. It is an ActiveX control, which can be taken anywhere to use ActiveX control, including all mainstream IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). The use process of the control in IDE is demonstrated as below:

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is Visual C++ 6.0.

1. Launch Visual C++ 6.0.

2. New a "MFC AppWizard" project.

3. Select "Dialog based".

4. Right click the dialog and select "Insert ActiveX Control..." menu.

5. In "Insert ActiveX Control" dialog, select "BeauGauge Control" and click "OK".
(If you are trial user, please install "BeauGauge Control Trial". Click here to download.)

6. Select "Properties" in the right-click menu of the control.

7. Import the control template file "gauge1.bg7".
(If you could not find "gauge1.bg7", click here to download.)

8. Control loading is done, see as below:

9. Download the Project.

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