How to use BeauGauge ActiveX control in your MATLAB 2010 project

BeauGauge Instruments Suite's BeauGauge Control will manage to display the finally designed control template in the user interface. It is an ActiveX control, which can be taken anywhere to use ActiveX control, including all mainstream IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). The use process of the control in IDE is demonstrated as below:

  1. 1. Launch MATLAB 2010.

  2. 2. Click GUIDE button.

    3. In GUIDE Quick Start dialog, select Blank GUI (Default) and click OK button.

    4. Add a ActiveX control to the panel.

  3. 5. In Select an ActiveX Control dialog, select BeauGauge Control and click Create button.
    (If you are trial user, please install BeauGauge Control Trial. Click here to download.)

    6. Select Property Editor in the right-click menu of the control.

  4. 7. Import the control template file gauge1.bg7. The template file can be removed after it has been imported to  project.
    (If you could not find gauge1.bg7, click here to download.)

  5. 8. Control loading is done, see as below:

  6. Change the pointer's position

  7. 1. Put a button onto the panel.

  8. 2. Right click on button, then select View Callbacks, Callback.

  9. 3. Input the following snippet (the part of being in yellow box).
  10. 4. Run this example, click button.

  11. 5. Download the Project.
    Project 1

  12. Project 2

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