Interface Description


  1. void SetBackgroundColor(LONG nR, LONG nG, LONG nB)
    Set control background, nR, nG and nB are RGB values, spaning 0 ~ 255.
    This function will work when setting "SetTransparent( 0 )".

  2. LONG SetBackgroundImage(BSTR sPath, LONG nType);
    Set Background Image.
  3. sPath specifies the path of background image.
  4. nType is reserved for the future, must be zero.

  5. LONG SetTransparent(LONG bTransparent)
    Make the background to be transparent when setting "SetTransparent( 1 ) ".
    How to make the background of control to be transparent

  6. LONG SetValue(BSTR sName, DOUBLE fValue)
    Change pointer's position, button, indicator state, etc.
    See details:
    Change the pointer's position
    Change the status of indicator lamp

    LONG SetDateTime(BSTR sName, LONG nYear, LONG nMonth, LONG nDay, LONG nHour, LONG nMinute, LONG nSecond)
    Setting the value of date and time control.
    Change the value of date and time

  7. LONG SetFillColor(BSTR sName, LONG nA1, LONG nR1, LONG nG1, LONG nB1, LONG nA2, LONG nR2, LONG nG2, LONG nB2)
    Change color for range bar.
    Change color for range bar

  8. LONG AddPlotPoint(BSTR sName, DOUBLE x, DOUBLE y)
    Add coordinates in the curve, x value must increase or decrease progressively.  

  9. LONG SetRange(BSTR sName, DOUBLE fStart, DOUBLE fSpan, LONG nMajorCount)
    Change Initial value, Range, and Scale for gauge.
  10. How to change the range of control

  11. void ClearPlot()
    Erase all the curves.

  12. LONG EnableAbout(LONG bShow)
    Show/Hide item of "About" on context menu when right-click on control.


  1. void ValueChanged(LPCTSTR sName, double fValue)
    This event is triggered after button and knob states change.
    sName: trigger this event's component name.
    fValue: component value.
    See details:
    Event Handling of Click Button and Drag Knob

  2. void RightClicked(LONG nX, LONG nY)
    Right-clicked Control will trigger this event.
    nX, nY specifies coordinates of the cursor.
    Event Handling of Right-Click

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